Beware of hotel accommodation service by EHS / EHM

We, Austropa Interconvention, noticed that a service provider called Exhibition Housing Services  (EHS) or Exhibitors Housing Marketing (EHM) has contacted a number of our congress participants to offer hotel reservation services.

Please note that neither we nor the congress organizers did authorize them to get in contact with participants. If you are contacted by EHS or EHM via emails or phone using the congress name, our name or the name of the organizer, and offering hotel booking services, we urge participants to take care and not to sign anything sent by EHM or EHS. Normally, participants will be attracted by cheap looking hotel room prices. But be aware that a high booking fee which is hidden in the beginning will be charged in addition to the rate. Furthermore, it seems that the credit card used to guarantee the booking will be immediately charged with the full amount. Also the booking conditions and cancellation policies are very strict.

We would like to inform you that we are not affiliated with this company in any way.