Austropa Interconvention is in Song Contest fever

On May 23, the final of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place at the Wiener Stadthalle. Already the whole week before, the Eurovision Village will transform the Wiener Rathausplatz into a fan mile. At Austropa Interconvention, the official PCO for the ESC, the preparations for this major event are also running at full blast.

When we were selected to be the official PCO for the Eurovision Song Contest last fall by the ORF, we were extremely pleased. To be able to accommodate various delegations, journalists and crews the best possible way, a hive of activity at Austropa Interconvention has started immediately. With expected 100.000 visitors, 1.700 journalists and 40 delegations, this huge event definitely belongs to our highlights of the year.

No matter if it is the Eurovision Song Contest with its thousand participants or a smaller congress with just a few hundred attendees; you can’t just plan an event on the fly. Precise planning and efficient organization are the alpha and omega of making your event a success.

Think of the subtleties of taxes and insurance. Or did you ever consider organizing your event as a Green Meeting? And the great art of not just staying within budget, but – if possible – effectively lowering costs. An experienced project manager will advise you, guiding and organizing from start to finish. And at that down to the minutest detail, because even when you think you have taken care of everything, you can bet that you will be facing some unexpected challenges on-site. This and much more is what we, your PCO or professional congress organizer, will happily do for you.

We would be very pleased to assist you with your upcoming event and are looking forward to hearing from you.